The boy kidnapped by his own mother was found hidden behind a wall after 2 years… Details here


The mother disappeared with her son Ricky Chekevdia when he was only 4 years old. It all happened in 2007.

According to the police, it was the mother’s fault, as the boy was found in her grandmother’s house and in a very small room.

Ricky had to spend a a very long time in a room about 12 x 5 feet and it was simply amazing that he was able to survive in such conditions.

As it turned out later, his mother Shannon Wilfo kidnapped the child because she had a heated argument with the child’s father. In the pictures you see, Ricky is with his parents.

After searching for them for some time, the police managed to find the son, who was living in a hidden room for 2 years.

After all that, the mother was charged with kidnapping.

Luckily they were able to find the hideout thanks to a note from Ricky’s grandmother. He was found in the empty plumbing of the house.

The terrible thing is that the boy was only allowed to leave the house in the evening or just to look out the window.

His mother claims that Ricky’s father physically abused her while protecting the child, but despite the facts, she denied any inappropriate behavior and was charged with complicity in the crime.

For his part, his father, Mike, claims that he only recently saw his son through the car window and also said he can’t wait for his son to come home and be reunited with their beloved dog.

Ricky is now still living with a relative of his father and they are doing everything to reunite father and son.

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