The blind dog who had been abandoned by his previous owners, has finally been rescued by kind people


Dogs are one of the main ՛patrons՛of the most colorful and bright days of our lives, who are ready to make us happy and give all the love of their hearts from the very first day they come into our lives.

It seems that their heart is so big, that their kindness and love will be enough for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are people who don’t think like that and their hearts don’t ache for these creatures, who are even ready to give their lives for us.

I think abandoning these creatures is one of the cruelest things in the world, because none of them deserve that.

And imagine that we are talking about leaving a blind dog, which is also sick and does not understand what is happening and where he is.

It is simply an unimaginable act that we can never understand… How can one be so cruel and cold hearted…

Unfortunately, that was the whole reality of what happened to Polly, a miracle pit bull who was blind and sick.

Happily, Rescue Services in California came to the rescue after learning about him.

They were simply amazed when they found the dog in that condition. In addition to all that, the dog also suffered from skin diseases and had a heart problem.

After the medical examination, it was also found that she had also given birtj recently, though the pups could not be found nearby.

Now the sweet boy is in his foster home until he overcomes his fears and is ready to go to his new forever home.

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