The adorable mommy rottweiler gave birth to 15 puppies and her family can’t be happier


It is so good that there are so wonderful creatures in our lives who make our every day a holiday and make us happy in every way.

They are the kindest and most devoted creatures in the world.

Of course, we are talking about dogs and today’s hero is Eleanor Asher’s Rottweiler, a sweet dog named Jessie.

The mother dog was waiting for puppies, which were to be born soon.  Eleanor was told she would have about six to eight pup, but what happened just shocked everyone. It seemed unbelievable.

On the morning of the birth day, the mother dog first gave birth to six little puppies, and then their number increased. After some time, she gave birth to nine more babies.

Can you imagine? In total, their number became 15. It was thought to be the record number in history, but it turns out that it is the second largest one and the most there have been is 18. All that lasted about seven hours.

Imagine how this new mom felt surrounded by so many puppies. She was so caring and attentive.

Jessie’s owners could not imagine that so many little puppies would be born.

They were simply amazed and even more. Jessie is a wonderful mother who does everything by herself, not even allowing anyone to help with feeding. Just a wonderful family.

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