Terrified and sad pup who has been kept in a small cage for 2 years now has a deformed body


This is Landis the pup that was kept in cage for 2 years as his owners wouldn’t let him get out of it. Because of being in that cage the poor creature could not grow properly and so his body was deformed.

Luckily, he was taken by a shelter in Georgia and they were hoping to help him by all means. They hoped that they can treat this boy’s body. Gratefully, Landis got the amazing care that he needed.

This place was a heaven for him, but it was a shelter so they called a rescue team to carry out the further help. Landis was taken to New York.

To straighten his body out the boy was given different kinds of therapies and a long lasting medical treatement. After having such a difficult and hard life Landis did not lose his hope and still loved to get attention from everyone he met.

So happy to say that now she got adopted by a great loving family and enjoys his each and every day.

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