As the longest resident of the shelter, Petey finally sleeps with a smile on his face because he now has the most caring family
Petey never forgets to wear his sweet smile that just warms everyone up. Despite everything he’s had to go through, nothing can keep Pete’
Noticing the pregnant cat a kind volunteer immediately took her to the shelter so that she could give birth in safe place
The gray cat was roaming the streets when the rescuer named Sophie noticed it and came to help. After a few seconds she noticed the round belly of the
2 little kittens, who just look like snowballs, has found comfort in their new home hugging each other all the time
Once a kind man heard the cat’s desperate meows in their backyard and rushed to look for it. Soon they found a little kitty crying, and also noticed
Rescuing the abandoned pup from the street the kind woman turned him into the happiest dog in the world
The rescuer was walking along the road in one of the outskirts of Ukraine when she suddenly noticed a dog. He was lying in the middle of the field and
He was told he had 5 years to live so he decided to adopt a dog, after which his life changed… forever
All dogs deserve to have their eternal homes where they will be loved and given everything they need. Unfortunately, every day we meet a lot of stray dogs
The good Samaritan saved the life of a kitten with a unique smile who ran after him to beg for help
Running after them to the house, the cat asked to be let in… It was the beginning of November when a good Samaritan who lives in Florida was simply
After being rescued, the orange tabby cat got the best life, he really deserved…
Daniel noticed the orange cat in the parking lot of the police station and decided to offer him food and water. After that the cat became so happy and
The dog was almost on the verge of death, but this kind man did everything to bring her back to life…
Mildred has had many difficult times in her life and had to endure many challenges. When she was first seen on the street, she was so thin that all her
Noticing the sad abandoned dog the woman couldn’t stay indifferent and approached to help…
One day when Adriana was going home from the gym, she became very sad when she noticed a brown dog on the side of the road. She immediately decided to
A Golden Retriever, who was abandoned in the 9th month of pregnancy, was saved by kind people
The dog Rosie was pregnant when she was abandoned by his prebvious family and taken to the shelter by the rescue team. When she came there, the entire