It was so touching, when the mother gorilla decided to show off her baby to the crowd hugging and kissing him warmly
An incredible scene in the zoo shocked the whole world. The mother gorilla approached the crowd and introduced her baby. It was such a sweet moment when
The orphaned gorilla hugs his carer everytime he sees him, as if wanting to express his endless gratitude for everything he does for him
This is a very precious moment, which undoubtedly deserves the attention of all of us. The photo you see on your screens has a very exciting backstory. There’
The sweet gorilla started showing off her baby to visitors, then showering him with warm kisses
What happened seemed so unbelievable. That scene will remain forever in everyone’s memory. The mother gorilla suddenly started showing her baby to
It was such a touching moment when the man started consoling the poor gorilla who just lost his mom
Recently, a heart-wrenching photo began to spread quickly on the whole Internet, which attracted the attention of many people from all over the world.
The mass-rescued gorilla has an incredible friendship with a small wild bush baby
There have been several incredible couples over the years, and those that include wildlife are truly breathtaking. Take, for example, the companionship
The gorilla reunited with the person who raised him five years later
Many of you may have heard of John Damian about Androcles Aspinal. He is an English multimillionaire, a great lover of animals, especially gorillas.
Gorilla mama saves 3-year-old boy
Gorillas are extremely territorial animals, which makes them very dangerous when people come in contact with them in the wild or at a zoo. That’