The researchers have proved that goats are able to distinguish between sad and happy faces becoming excited about happy ones
Some researchers of UK have recently shown that goats can understand what means a smiling face, even reacting to it. They proved that they can understand
A tolerant kitty is enjoying the shenanigans of little sweet baby goats
Sunflower Farm is a place of refuge for 31 Nigerian Dwarf goats and their little ones. The ranch is controlled by a couple named Hope and Chris.
These jumping baby goats will make you smile even if ya try to fight it
As long as one does not live in the mountains, it is hard to imagine that anyone has a better opinion of goats than puppies. That said, watching this video
I Thought Baby Goats Couldn’t Get Any Cuter, But Then I Saw This
If you ever have a bad day, all you need to do to feel better is watch a few videos of goat cubs. Their jumping, jumping joy for life is very contagious.