The elephant, who spent almost all his life in prison, was simply fascinated by the classical music played by the talented pianist
I think many people agree with the idea that melody is food for the soul, and as it turned out recently, it also applies to animals. Paul is a talented
An old elephant, who had been chained for 50 years, couldn’t stop crying when he was finally released
Unfortunately, elephants are one of the creatures that suffer the most because of the human cruelty and selfishness. Most of the time, they are kept in
The baby elephant was only a few days old, when was abandoned by his herd, but now has the most caring mommy
Moyo was trying to cross a flooded river when he was only a few days old. It was clear that he had been abandoned by his herd, but luckily the kidn people
The herd of elephants gathered together to pay their last respect to their leader
We have all heard that elephants are somewhat similar to humans, including that they are also considered to be one of the creatures closest to humans in feelings.
The workers of Elephant Care center decdied to knit warm sweaters for rescued elephants
Since the winters in Northern India are quite cold, volunteers at the local Elephant Care Center decided to knit some cute sweaters for the elephants there.
Overcaring elephant welcomes a blind elephant as her second nanny
In an elephant nature park in Thailand, three saved elephants structure a startling security. They all have had brutal lives, and those encounters molded
Gleeful cute baby elephant makes a playdate with her ever most favorite playmate
Khanyisa, a charming Albino elephant, was protected by Adine Roode. She was the organizer behind the elephant asylum and halfway house named HERD.
This unique and rare pink little baby elephant noticed in the wild
Tim Jansen was leading a team through the South Africa’s national park when he noticed something extraordinary: an infrequent this pink little elephant!
The wonderful giraffes and elephants take a lazy walk to the waterhole
Group is an elephant shelter in South Africa. In the event that Adine and her group at any point came to be familiar with a stranded child elephant, they
The amazing albino elephant princess cares only for her evening milk bottles
Adine Roode, the proprietor of the elephant shelter and asylum “Crowd,” had brought stranded child elephants into the Jabulani elephant group