Rescuers managed to save the life of a dog that had been missing for already 2 months


The rescuers quickly came to the scene to rescue the dog at the bottom of the underground cave, which had been missing for 2 months already.

It was really very difficult due to the configuration of the area.

His family was constantly searching everywhere for the dog.

It is not even known how it managed to survive so long in that completely dark environment, although there were freshwater fish and crustaceans.

As soon as the dog was spotted there, specialists were quickly mobilized to save it.

Entering this labyrinth, which is more than 35 kilometers, they managed to find the animal.

But they still need to get him out, which was not so easy.

The deputy chief of the Biehle fire brigade also came to their aid. They did not stop there after rescuing this dog.

Together, they decided to find the owners of the dog, going door to door together in the neighborhood.

They tried their best to find the owners of the dog and finally found the correct address.

It was a real shock for the dog owners. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

They thought they would never see him again after disappearing for so long.

It was truly a miracle that he had managed to stay alive for so long.

He is already at home and recovering his strength perfectly.

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