People call them partners in crime as after the very first moment of meeting each other they became inseparable


This husky was a cute little puppy when his future forever family first came to adopt him .

Everything would not have been so easy and smooth, if it were not for his little sister, Hazel, thanks to whom he sweet pup felt very relaxed from the first moment he entered the house.

These two immediately became friends and considered each other as brother and sister from the first minute.

Their parents were simply amazed to witness the instant connection these two had.

The duo absolutely refuse to leave each other’s side even for a few minutes, no matter the conditions.

They play together, sleep and even share their favorite snacks with each other.

When they are together, they don’t care about anything in this world.  People even call them partners in crime.

Everyone is already witnessing the couple’s dramatic growth and differences in progress, and despite all their antics, they are so adorable.

Rio will do anything to protect his precious sister. The adorable duo is just living their best life together, warming hearts of many many people.

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