One photographer got a Charcoal of Sophie, a bird that looks just like from a fairytale


There are a large number of animal types on the planet that we don’t have any idea yet. Consistently it even appears to be that some that were accepted terminated return. Nature won’t quit astonishing us.

An illustration of certain species that we don’t have the foggiest idea, is this little called Carbonito de Sophie, a bird with an astonishing colorful plumage. It must be found in a few boreal timberlands in Asia.

Its logical name is Leptopoecile sophiae and it lives in China, India, Russia and the boreal timberlands.

Its plumage is the thing is striking about this little one , as it appears to be that it has a blue coat with violet tones, a pink gut and a white or dim eyebrow.

The guys of this species alone that have the most striking tones. This bird weighs somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 grams and measures something like 10 cm.

They generally live two by two just in the reproducing season and after that they should be visible in groups of up to 25 birds. Their eating routine depends on bugs, insects, berries and seeds.

This species isn’t at risk for eradication because of its knowledge while building homes, which are not so handily seen because of their regular cover and there are no such enormous hunters for this species.

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