On his was to the show Tyler noticed a kitten, who was in a terrible condition and that day changed his life forever…


Tyler Wood was on his way to his show when he suddenly noticed a kitty in the middle of the road.

There was no one there, neither people nor other cats. The little boy looked for food but could not find anything.

Tyler, seeing his condition, could not leave his in such a state. So she braked the car so he could get the kitten out of the traffic.

The kitten was so thin that it was just skin and bones. He was covered in dirt and smelled bad.

Tyler decided to call his girlfriend and tell her about his new furry friend. He named the cat Kevin.

The kitten instantly fell in love with his rescuer and stayed by his side the whole time.

He was so relieved that finally someoe paid attention to him and came to help.

Then the couple took the kitty to the veterinarian where he received the necessary medical care.

Kevin was snuggled up in Tyler’s arms the whole time. He was obviously very pleased.

During next few weeks, the cat continued to heal and he also moved to his forever home.

The couple took him home and gave him a quiet space where he could enjoy his life.

Kevin’s need to cuddle multiplied and he was constantly seen in the arms of his loved ones. He felt very calm and safe like that.

Kevin can be called a professional lap cat, who is also incredibly friendly .

He now feels like the happiest cat in the world, who doesn’t need anything else to make his life complete.

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