Meet the 3-day-old baby goat that weighs 29 ounces, and is the smallest of 43 siblings


In Sunflower Farm gets new little goats every season. In the past season, little Rey might be the cutest. She came to world in May and was named like the character of the “Star Wars”.

The little one was the lightest one. Her feet has black coloring and it seems as if she is wearing socks. She also has no wattle, a hair-shrouded limb of tissue hanging from her jaw.

Most goats have two wattles, however Rey just has one, which additionally singles her out from her siblings. In the video, Rey is just three days old. She goes through the early daytime resting in the sun.

After she gets up on the hay bale and takes some bites but she is not sure ho to get down. She walks around the edge of the bale and does not know how to get down. And then softly gets herself down from up there.

The little one is not even aware that she is capable of soft landings. After that the little one tries to find her lost momma and she does not have a long time as her mother stands no more than for 2 minutes.

Of course everyone in the farm adores Rey but they promised to give her to a woman that owns a dog rescue.

They are very happy that Rey will move in with her new family and thanks to her unique ears will match with her pup friends.

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