It’s been 18 years since that day, but till now Jessica being raised by humans continues visiting her family every day…


Have you heard about Jessica?

If not, then now is the right time to get to know the female hippopotamus, who is now considered one of the most famous ones in the world. There are already 150 documentaries made about him.

18 years have passed since that day, but it still continues to warm hearts.

One day, Tony Joubert saw a little hippopotamus on the bank of the river, but its mother was nowhere to be seen.

He assumed that she died in a heavy flood, so the baby was left alone. He decided to take the animal because he would not be able to survive alone.

The sweet hippo was named Jessica. After some time, when the animal grew up, they decided to let him lead a life on his own. So he took her to the river where he had found her.

However, the thing is that Jessica became so attached to the people who took care of her that even after she was released to live freely, she always continues to come straight to the place where she lived before.

By the way, another very interesting fact is that she likes to drink tea and even watch TV.

Therefore, in order to make his beloved animal happy, Tony makes her several liters of tea every day.

The hippo loves people very much and is not afraid of them at all.

She is so happy that she was saved by those kind people whom now she considers as her family.

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