His mother couldn’t take care of the baby, so the staff took all the responsibility to provide an excellent care for the animal


His arrival at the zoo simply captured everyone’s hearts.  This little creature is undoubtedly under the care of the most amazing people who are ready to do everything to make him feel calm and safe.

Here is why he was left without his mother’s care. Recently, 9-year-old Lucia gave birth to her baby.

After the birth, it turned out that she could not provide him with “proper care”, so the staff of the zoo had to do it, taking care of the little one.

So they started taking care of the baby , providing round-the-clock care to the newborn animal.

He was bottle-fed regularly to promote healthy development.

So the baby started thriving day by day thanks to the excellent care provided by the staff, which helps him grow stronger and stronger every day.

That’s right, that no one can replace the absence of a mother, but they did everything to make the baby recover as soon as possible and feel calmer.

They just did a great job and we are very grateful to them for their dedicated work.

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