Funny cat crashed a wedding by getting on the bride’s dress and taking a nap


Funny stories are never enough to read and know about. So this cat that is very well known in the surroundings of the church visits one wedding day.

He loves taking walks through the church and this time something extraordinary happened. The cat crashed the wedding by taking a nap on the bride’s dress.

When he saw the amazing dress he could not resist taing a nap on that and straight away snuggles up on it made himself comforatble and took a nap. He was trying to relax, So he sprang to his feet and curled himself on the dress.

During that time all the people in the room where excited and amused by what happened.

There are lots of people who think that black cats bring bad luck but actually the real cat lovers that they got a gift a blessing from the cat and god.

The couple was sure thet the cat was a sign of great fortune.

Nothing can be better for this couple than this wonderous moments, as they adore cats. They did not knew that they wedding would go viral and that they would become famous in the whole world.

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