From a very early age she managed to win all the beauty contests…Here’s how she looks now!!


The girl participating in beauty contests spent her entire childhood participating in such contests, being on big stages from a an early age.

She was only four years old and has already won 300 beauty contests. She was called the most attractive girl ever.

From an early age, she was almost always surrounded by cameras, catwalks, full of glitter and fashionable dresses. It had become her normal routine.

The little baby girl was often invited to various programs and interviews.

She was not given to have a normal childhood like her other friends.

She was always so busy that she rarely had the chance to play with friends. She lived in a strict regime throughout the day.

She had to have breakfast, go to the solarium, after which they were already waiting for her in the beauty salon and at the choreographer.

During all the filming, she had to walk in high heels. Eden is now fourteen years old and now is working on her debut album.

She has already managed to publish her autobiography “From Cradle to Crown”.

Her mother is her personal manager and helps her in everything.

She continues to attend dances, and has added playing guitar and drums to her hobbies.

This beauty has already managed to earn several hundred thousand dollars during her career of only 5 years. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

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