For about 3 weeks, everyone just took pictures of the poor abandoned husky and left…


Every day I received letters from dozens of people about this dog, all of them asking to help him and take him to the doctor.

They were all very worried about the dog that was left on the street, but no one wanted to take it home. So I could not pass indifferently and went to find him. He was quite far away and it took a long time to finally find him.

But the thing is that he kept running away and we caught him with great difficulty.

The dog was wandering alone on the street and as it turned out, his owners had abandoned him without a twinge of conscience.

Everyone passed by him with indifference and no one cared that they might run over the dog. The dog was about one year old and looked very beautiful. We sent the dog for examination, and after receiving the results of the tests, he was treated against ticks.

He now continues to stay in the clinic, where he receives excellent care.

However, no calls have been received about the dog yet, and most likely, its previous owners are not even worried about it.

We will probably wait a little longer and if his owners do not appear, we will find a new caring family for him.

He already feels very well and has managed to show his friendly and warm nature. We are sure that a great future awaits him.

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