Every day the sweet dog waits for his favorite mailman and gets so excited when the truck finally arrives


Obviously, no one gets more excited about the arrival of the mailtruck than this doggie.

The little dog is so happy that every day seems like a real holiday for him.

Every morning, he waits impatiently at the door, watching for the white truck to arrive.

And as soon as he sees how it reaches him, he begins to shake his tail with excitement.

The Chihuahua, which is only 5 months old, is certainly not at all interested in receiving letters.

he simply adores mailman Dan, whom he considers his best friend.

Here’s how they met. One day he was out with his owner to get the mail and after that she stopped to talk to the mailman, asking if he would like to give Frannie a hug.

She had noticed the enthusiasm of her puppy, who immediately fell in love with Dan.

He will sit on his little bed every day , looking forward to when the white truck would finally arrive.

Seeing it, he immediately starts to jump showing his owner to let him go out of the house.

Then he runs all the way until he reaches Danny to give a warm hug. They’re so sweet!

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