Even the famous singer got surprised, when he heard the voice of 12-year-old girl


And do you remember what you did when you were 12 years old? Did you like me to spend your free time with friends or standing in front of the mirror using hairspray instead of a microphone?

Our heroine, whom we are going to present to you, is also 12 years old, but unlike many children of the same age, she is already quite mature and has managed to achieve great success all over the world.

Amira Willigagen is only 12 years old, but has already become a real world sensation.

When Amira was 9 years old, she started watching videos on YouTube, through which she began to learn vocal techniques to showcase her voice.

That was what she excelled at and it was clear from such a young age what big stages were waiting for her. Already three years later, she was performing with the world’s most famous vocalists.

After watching this performance, you will definitely want to watch it over and over agai. A great duet awaits you with the famous vocalist Patrizio Buane.

Even a professional vocalist was amazed by the girl’s stunning voice when he heard it for the first time. When you listen to her performance, you can never imagine that ahe is so young that not even in high school yet.

Just take a few minutes to watch the video and you will have unforgettable emotions as much as we did.

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