Due to the kind rescuer the mother cat got a very safe place to give birth to her 6 kitties


And here the super mother cat gave birth to 6 kitties.

A rescuer, knowing that the pregnant cat needed help, agreed to take her in and involve her in their latest project about the litter, helping the kittens to raise and then find their homes.

The cat’s name was Rico, who was extremely pleased with what they were doing for her.

All facilities are very good, food too. A few days later, the babies were born, and Riko, like an experienced mother, immediately began to fulfill her maternal duties, feeding the six babies and taking care of them with all her care.

The mother cat also kept them immaculately clean. Riko rarely even left their side.

As soon as two weeks passed, the kittens started to become very active and study everything around.

They were already taking their first steps, turning into playful and mischievous kittiess.

They are simply so adorable that one can endlessly marvel at their beauty.

They are already quite big and their mother can finally breathe easy.

Soon they will also find their eternal homes.

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