Deaf senior dog who never knew love and lived alone by the highway is finally in safe hands


Hope for Paws received a call about a deaf dog and immediately rushed to help.

In order to find him, the volunteers began to search the entire area and soon finally found him.

At that time they unfortunately found out that the poor dog was deaf, so the volunteers approached him very slowly.

When the dog raised his head, he had such a kind face and looked at them with his innocent eyes.

The dog seemed quite calm and friendly.

Then they noticed that the older dog was also missing many teeth.

It hurt them a lot to think that the poor dog had to sleep on the highway for about 7 months;

At first, the two rescuers sat next to the dog, after which the older dog began to relax even more and ate his food.

They named the good boy Mr. Rogers. When the dog was totally ready, the rescuers took him to the clinic for medical examination.

Unfortunately, after that, it turned out that the dog also had an ear infection, but happily it was treatable.

After completing the medical examination, one of the volunteers offered to take the dog home and take care of it.

After a few days in his foster home, the dog was doing just fine.

It’s a day; when they visited the dog again from the shelter, they found out that his ear infection was gone.

It brought so much happiness to everyone, especially the fact that the dog felt very calm and loved.

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