The mother of 16, who managed to set a record, is pregnant again. Here they talk about their daily routine and how blessed they really feel…
All families in the wolrd are different. All of them are special and extraordinarily in their own way. Everything becomes so beautiful when there’s Love.
Being married for already 53 years, Jeffrey cantinues sending romantic love letters to his beloved wife
It is rare to meet someone who vows to spend his whole life with you and really keeps it. That’s what we call true love. There are indeed people
Nikki and his husband, who just adore kids, decided to adopt a boy whom nobody wanted to take home
Nikki is a kind-hearted woman who simply adores children and has always dreamed of having a big big family. She had a loving husband and a daughter from
Rescuing the abandoned pup from the street the kind woman turned him into the happiest dog in the world
The rescuer was walking along the road in one of the outskirts of Ukraine when she suddenly noticed a dog. He was lying in the middle of the field and
The previously “broken” dog became the happiest now and can’t stop smiling even for a minute
Everyone called him “broken” when he entered the shelter for the first time. The point is that the dog named Sanford was run over, and the
After being rescued, the orange tabby cat got the best life, he really deserved…
Daniel noticed the orange cat in the parking lot of the police station and decided to offer him food and water. After that the cat became so happy and
Her two sons behaved very badly in the school, so their mother decided to punish them in a very creative way
It is sometimes difficult for parents to decide how to punish their children because it is difficult to find a fair punishment that teashes the right lesson
An Australian woman keeps a giant spider in her house for about a year already treating her as a pet…
As much as she is considered an unwelcome guest to most of us, the one you see on your screens now lives in Australia with Annette Grey.
One day a man noticed a baby carriage and approached to check. After that day his life completely changed…
Henry is a 41-year-old widower who has four children. He worked as a porter at the airport and had a lot of trouble taking care of his children.
The faithful dog blocked the road of the ambulance in an attempt to get their attention…
Dogs will never leave us, no matter what may happen. To protect us they are even ready to give their lives. One day the driver suddenly started to drive