The rescuer got so attached to the sweet cat, that eventually decided to go back and adopt her…
It was almost 2 months ago when Damaris, who lives in New York, met a stray cat, who clearly needed immediater help. The cat was wandering in an area with
The 13-year-old boy and his furry friend have become new stars of their neighborhood
Matt always dreamed of having a furry friend, but at the same time, he also understood that it also included a great responsibility towards them.
Despite all the difficulties in his life, the deaf and blind dog has become a source of comfort for other animals in need
Despite all that Cherio went through, it didn’t change his kind personality. In fact, quite the opposite happened, as the sweet pup became a source
When they took him to the shelter, the dog was very confused, but after some time he finally started to warm up
The dog named Holden, who ended up at the shelter, completely exhausted… The old dog had gone through so many difficulties that he had already lost
The police department has already welcomed their new members who are going to be wonderful partners for them
Besides being best friends for us humans, dogs have also shown what wonderful partners they can be. This is especially true for law enforcement agencies.
The mother of 16, who managed to set a record, is pregnant again. Here they talk about their daily routine and how blessed they really feel…
All families in the wolrd are different. All of them are special and extraordinarily in their own way. Everything becomes so beautiful when there’s Love.
After spending 275 days in a shelter, the pit bull was finally adopted by a loving family who will give him the life he’s always dreamed of.
The only thing he had always dreamed of was having a forever family. It is such a happy moment when people come to adopt shelter dogs and it becomes even
Noticing the sad and scared dog, they just couldn’t pass by him indifferently and came to help…
Kind people, noticing the frightened dog left in the neighborhood park, decided to approach it. It was quite cold outside and the dog was completely alone there.
The picture of a stray dog sleeping with his fluffy”friend” immediately went viral touching millions of hearts
Unfortunately, there are a lot of stray dogs in Houston and maybe it’s a result of people just abandoning them and leaving them completely alone.
A dog who was out for a walk saved the life of a little pup who was left to die in a garbage can…
The kind dog, who found a pup in the trash, immediately rushed to help… As the policeman was on his way to workd, he noticed a neighbor’