Boys found an abandoned pup in the middle of the sea!


Imagine being at sea and spotting something floating. It may be a hat or a shirt or a lifebuoy. So what if it was a dog. Bryn and his friends were on the coast of Florida when they noticed a floating object on the sea.

So they decided to slow down and turn around to see what it was, being sure that it would be a hat. They were shocked to find out that it was a dog.

They couldn’t understand how the little one got so far from the shore but it was clear that he was fighting for his life for a long time.

It was obvious that the little one was terrified and at the same time full of hope. And not taking into consideration the danger the group decided to jump and save the pup.

The savior discovered that the dogs name was Zuko and was wearing a collar with a dog tag and family information. They made a call and after getting the best news the family was sobbing.

They told that Zuko got lost the previous day when they were on their boat trip as the pup was very excited because of the coming waves and was jumping every time.

When he fell into the waters the family didn’t notice as they thought that he was playing hide and seek. After noticicng that he was missing they decided to go back and search for him.

Fortunately they got a call from Bryann and his friends. Once more thanks to Bryann and his friends. They were extremely kind and the dog was very lucky to be saved.

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