Because of people’s cruelty the poor dog crawled asking for help and finally someone noticed her…


Nancy had a very difficult past that left her paralyzed.

She was crawling through the junkyard in a shard of shattered glass and metal.

The bleeding did not stop. Tears in his eyes, but she still didn’t want to give up.

Finally, someone saw the poor dog and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

The video below shows how Nancy spent her time in the hospital.

As hard as it was, sje tried to come to terms with her paralyzed condition.

She faced a difficult operation as the vets had to fix her damaged spine.

However, Nancy’s movements were very limited and her hind legs were completely motionless.

After the surgery, her rescuers sent her to a rehabilitation center for further treatment.

She underwent continuous water therapy and massages, doing exercises on the treadmill, thanks to which Nancy’s front legs healed day by day.  But as for her hind legs, they were mostly unresponsive.

It was hard for the rescuers to see how the sweet girl was suffering, so they brought a wheelchair for her, thanks to which she was already able to play with other dogs.

Nancy is still continuing physical therapy and has already started to show some promising movements even in her hind legs.

Now she can even move without a wheelchair.  Nancy is a really brave dog and we are sure that she will make a full recovery soon finally going to her forever home.

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