An Australian woman keeps a giant spider in her house for about a year already treating her as a pet…


As much as she is considered an unwelcome guest to most of us, the one you see on your screens now lives in Australia with Annette Grey.

She treats this spider as if it were her pet. The giant spider even has a name, Charlotte, which one day accidentally got inside and decided to stay there forever.

Gray’s son said that Charlotte is a true huntsman spider that usually grows quite large and despite that fact, she is actually very friendly.

These types of spiders pose no threat to humans, so knowing this, Jake’s mother decided to let Charlotte stay in her house.

“We have witnessed how this spider grows over the course of a year, and during this time it never bothered us. She even walks around the house, goes from room to room and eats all the crumbs.”

Charlotte is 15 centimeters wide, about 6 inches. Annette also wrote that, according to her, Charlotte will become even bigger.

Some of the friends, however, always wonder how it is possible to have such a “pet”, jokingly suggesting to set the house on fire to get rid of the gian.

It really made a big noise not only among their friends but also all over the world. Charlotte was lucky to find herself in this house, where she is really loved and accepted.

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