An anxious dog waits for dad to perform life-saving surgery on his beloved toy friend


Of course, Leo simply adores his family, but there is one more thing that he loves too.

This sweet fluffy dog ​​just adores his toy, about which told us his owner Haley Alaksanyan.

She said that her dog simply adores it and always takes with him wherever he goes.

However, recently a small “trouble” happened in their life, threatening to end their friendship. One day Leo was playing with his friend when it happened.

The thing is, while playing, somehow the baby accidentally poked a hole in his little plush friend, exposing his white insides.

Happily, Haley’s father immediatley came to help the dog and his friend.

At that time the dog was simply devastated. He wanted to save his friend in any way possible.

“When my father took the toy from him and put it in a high place so he couldn’t reach it, he started crying trying to take it in any way,” Alaksanyan said.

“Then my father got out his sewing kit andstarted sewing the toy.”

During the entire accident, when the urgent “operation” to save his beloved toy was taking place, the worried Leo did not leave his friend’s side for even a single minute.

Fortunately, the operation ended successfully, after which Leo finally calmed down.

After that, the happy and warm reunion of the puppy and his favorite toy took place.

After that day, Leo started to be a little gentler with his friend, so that he wouldn’t hurt him again, but there was no doubt that dad would come to help again.

“It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,” Alaksanyan said.

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