An abandoned dog starts wagging its tail every time he sees someone approaching, hoping that his owner has finally returned…


Recently, a very touchingvideo appeared on the Internet about an abandoned dog who warmly welcomes its customers in front of a supermarket every day.

This video went viral all over the world very quickly. Every time the dog sees people, it starts wagging the very excitedly, making everyone excited by its cute look.

It was not clear yet why the dog was tied up there, but from the day he was there, he became a “staff member” greeting every passer-by every day. When he sees the guests, he immediately wags his tail and receives a response in the form of love.

He looked at everyone with sad eyes and it seemed to make everyone stop and thank him for so much love that he gives to people every day.

While everyone passed by him , no one really knew about the poor dog’s broken heart.

Later it turned out that his owner had left him there and gone away, but he kept waiting for his owner with his sweet innocent eyes for a long time and it seemed to him that he would soon return from work and take him home…

Dogs are the most loyal animals in the world and they are always ready to support us by feeling all our feelings.

To them, we are all they have, so don’t ever treat them like this.They don’t deserve that.

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