After the video of a crying pit bull went viral, the sweet boy found the most perfect family for him


This super sweet hero deserves all our love and praise.

A few years ago, one of the shelter’s clients, Sarah Slimen, filmed a crying pit bull at the shelter and uploaded it to her Facebook.

Sarah Slime always likes to visit shelter dogs as she has always adored animals trying to help as many puppies as she can. When she saw this dog, she felt there was something in him that melt her heart at once.

Cinnamon has been living in the shelter for 7 years; his previows family abandoned him, leaving him in a shelter.

Sarah immediately understood what she needed to do to help the sweet boy.

Since his first video got quite a lot of views, she decided to take advantage of social media again to shoot a new video with the participation of Cinnamon.

This time, the video quiclkly went viral, allowing Cinnamon to meet her wonderful new family.

All his life, this cute dog had been dreaming about that day…

FRom now on he is always smiling and wagging his tail exctitedly.

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