After getting the dog out of the apartment, the firefighter did whatever he could to revive him…


The situation inside the residential building was already gloomy․ The firemen were called to put out the fire.

The fire broke out in the apartment of a man whose owner, Krystal, waited in tears as her 10-year-old dog was left inside the house. The dog’s name was Nalu.

The firemen were dedicated to their work to save lives, and as for saving Nalu’s life, it was no less valuable to them.

So one of the firemen bravely moved towards the building, crawling into the house.

Eventually he managed to find the dog, but he didn’t move at all…

Then he quickly took the dog out of the house, fighting in every way to save its life.

For more than 25 minutes, Andrew, the rescuer, performed CPR, but the dog was not breathing at all.

Crystal was crying and very scared, but she did not lose her hope.

Those minutes seemed endless, but after a few more minutes, Nalu finally regained consciousness.

He was rushed to the vet and placed in an oxygen tent. The animal was still scared, but fortunately unharmed.

A few days later, he returned to his normal life and fully recovered after those serious incidents.

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