A mother deer who proudly starts showing her newborn baby is so precious


He managed to become a famous TikTok star in a very short time as the video with his participation immediately became viral.

The star has a very friendly relationship with the deer, which often visit the area in search of tasty food.

A fawn lay on a tiled deck. and looks at the camera.

He then turns his attention to his mom, who begins to caress him.

Then all the deer start surrounding @SnowFrickenWhite.

They seem to feel very well. He is able to give warmth to all the deer near him, but he is still attracted to the little deer lying down.

She begins to slowly move closer to him so she can get a better look at the small baby.

The baby is so sweet and looks so cute that he is lying next to a big rock and seems to understand that this is a very safe area. He is not afraid when she starts to approach him.

The adorable interaction ends with a sweet touch of mother and baby deer.

She has never touched a baby deer yet, but surely she will eventually because it is only a matter of time.

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