A man saved a newborn puppy, who, after being thrown out as garbage, found salvation in an old shoe.


Sometimes we feel so much pain when we see stray animals on the street, because every day they have to overcome many many trials and challenges in order to maintain their existence.

They look at the people passing by with very sad eyes, hoping that someone will finally notice to them.

I’ts especially painful when we meet litlle puppies that are left completely alone in this big world and their chances of survival are generally very small especially without a mother’s care.

Recently, a man who always feeds all the stray animals in his area suddenly came across a very thin and small pup that was thrown away like garbage.

It is not clear how the puppy got there, but he needed help quickly. The little boy seems to have found his salvation in a very old shoe.

At first the kind man decided to walk around the neighbourhood , hoping to find the puppy’s mother, but there was no mother anywhere in sight, so he took the puppy and carried it to safety.

There, the little boy got to know the other dogs and immediately became friends with them. He gave the baby the name Smestene.

Today it has been 6 months since that day and we are very happy to inform that the dog is doing great and enjoying his life to the fullest. He is in very safe hands and will never have to worry about being abandoned again. You can also watch the full video below.

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