A homeless man decided to return $10,000 check he’d found, and that was the day his life changed forever…


Elmer Alvarez, who is homeless, saw a scrap of paper on the street and took it. As he began to look closer, he suddenly realized that it was a crumpled check for ten thousand dollars.

There was also the name of the bearer… Of course, it may seem unbelievable to many, but Elmer decided to find the owner of the check, but here’s what happened next…

Of course, that much money could have helped Elmer survive the cold winter in the first place, but the man thought that it might be all that its owner had, so he should return it.

The check was signed by Roberta Jose. Seeing an Internet cafe, the man began to search for a person with those contacts, and after a few minutes it became clear that the person he was looking for was a very successful realtor.

The name was often seen in the papers, so Elmer was able to find the woman’s phone number more quickly. Calling her, the man talked with her and they decided to meet.

Roberta couldn’t believe that a homeless man would do such a thing and thought that whoever found the check had already cashed it and there was no way to get it back.

Moreover, when they met, Roberta told that she was homeless too when she was young and as a sign of gratitude, she decided to give the kind man an apartment. However, that was not all.

She also paid for Elmr’s education, and now she is going to hire him as well.

Believe me, kindness will save the world, and surely if Elmer hadn’t returned the check, it might have only lasted him a few months, but now he could think about the future, about his dreams that he thought would never come true…

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