2 men were driving on the highway when they noticed a very strange “bag” covered with snow․․․


Two men were driving on the highway of Trans-Canada when they noticed a strange “bag” on the side of the road.

It was all in the snow and immediately attracted their attention.

Therefore, when they approached, they noticed that it was moving.

They immediately understood that there was not a bag, but a dog stuck in the snow.

They quickly contacted Animal Rescue Center. When the volunteers arrived they simply got horrified by the dog’s condition.

He was completely covered in wool and had obviously spent a long time in the snow.

It was already difficult for him to move, so the rescuers immediately took him to the car.

When he was taken to the shelter, they surrounded him with love and care he needed most.

In the beginning the dog felt weak, but his condition recovered day by day.

After a couple of hours, the dog finally got rid of the entanglement, becoming a very sweet boy.

He is very happy now and will never stop thanking his rescuers who gave him a second chance at life.

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