2 kind-hearted men rescued the poor dog, who had to eat stones to survive…


Willon is a Siberian Husky who was found lying on the side of the road.

Two good Samaritans saw him and quickly came to his aid.  Other cars were passing by him, but they could not remain indifferent.

At first it was still unclear whether he was a wolf or a dog. But when they went closer, they realized that it was a husky.

They were trying to somehow win the dog’s attention and offered him their sandwich.

And it seems that it worked out. They were able to take the dog with them and take it to a nearby clinic.

When they started examining him there, it turned out that the poor boy had to eat stones and dirt to survive.

The sweet boy was named Willow, who is only 2 years old and also very underweight.

They managed to find Willow’s first owner, who was a student, against whom charges have been proposed and are currently being reviewed.

A few weeks later, the sweet boy was taken to live with a foster family, where he began to recover faster as he is taken care of wonderfully.

The boy goes for a walk with his foster parents every day and spends a wonderful time with them.

After only a month and a half, he gained about 9.3 kilograms.

He is very smart and learned his basic instructions in no time.

And as for water, he simply adores it. And here is the happiest news.

About 3 months ago, a wonderful family came to adopt him. We are so happy for him.

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