10-year-old cats, who had been abandoned by their owner, have finally got their dream home


10-year-old cats waited 6 months for their dream home. They were always inseparable.

Their names are Milo and Angus. These cats were taken to Nashville Cat Rescue because their owner no longer wanted to care for them because of health issues.

They were an inseparable twins since birth and it has been going on like that for 10 years.

During the first two weeks, of course, it was quite difficult for the cats to live in new conditions and each of them took it in their own way.

Milo was always very calm and brave during all medical procedures and always in a good mood.

As for Angus, slowly but surely, he came out of his shell too and began to explore the new world around him.

He decided one day to finally give up all his stubbornness and wholeheartedly accept and trust his foster mother.

Their new mom’s name is Sarah who took great care of them.

The boys were so connected to each other that it simply amazed her.

They were ready to help and comfort each other in every matter.

They always eat and sleep together, although there is a separate box for each of them. They are so adorable.

Fortunately, everything is going well in their lives and they continue to enjoy every day happily.

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